Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Very Big Announcement(s) Coming Soon?

This Wednesday is Earth Day, and it may bring with it the announcement of the potentially huge Live Earth: Road to Paris event. The picture for that event is getting even clearer, and we've updated our lineup predictions here. In the meantime, you can join an intended 1 billion people demanding climate action by signing the petition at liveearth.org.

Additionally, now that April 20 has come and gone, the Grateful Dead appear to have sold out their Fare Thee Well event in California and announced nationwide theater simulcasts, and Phil Lesh has announced a concert at Central Park Summerstage in September - we were right that he would play the venue this year, but wrong about the month - watch for the additional shows we've forecasted to be announced very soon. However, as we've said all along, we've never been entirely sure that the tour will happen in June. If it is not announced within the next week or so, look for a similar tour hitting New York, Colorado, and more to happen later this year, probably around late September and early October.

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